4-14-18 Daniel Teed, county elections admin

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Daniel Teed has moved right in to his position as the new Navarro County Elections Administrator. He gives great credit to Roger Francia, also of the elections office, for keeping things going after Danda Parker's departure.

There’s a new elections administrator in Navarro County, and Daniel Teed has hit the ground running and ready to keep the county rolling with elections.

The Daily Sun caught up with Teed to learn a bit more about the man who will oversee all elections in the county now.

CDS: Why did you come to Corsicana, or are you a native?

DT: I’m not a native to Corsicana, but have traveled through many, many times and find it to be an interesting place full of wonderful people and great history. When the Navarro County Election Commission hired me, I knew I was following in good steps: Danda (Parker) is known around the state for being a great person and a great Election Administrator. Roger is also well-liked, and is an amazing person to work with. I’m glad to be here.

CDS: What does your work history contain? What was your first job?

DT: My work history contains about nine years in the Elections field; I am also a pastor. I like to pastor small churches that might not be able to afford a full-time pastor while working diligently to serve the people of the County in the role of Election Administrator

My first job was mowing yards. My dad bought us children a push mower and encouraged us to use it to mow yards of elderly people in the neighboring town. (We lived in the country.) It’s amazing how he couldn’t seem to afford to give us money or buy things, but could always afford gas for the mower and my parents could always take time to drive us around to our mowing jobs. I still honor my parents for teaching us to work hard, live frugally, give generously, and be faithful to God and others.

CDS: What are the duties of your new position as Navarro County Elections Administrator?

DT: Election Administrators have a responsibility to coordinate everything related to voter registration and elections for the County in accordance with laws and procedures set forth by the Texas Legislature and the Texas Secretary of State. While the laws and procedures can be very complex, the part I like the most is meeting and serving people. On my office wall hangs my motto for my work in Navarro County: “Integrity: Kindness to All People All the Time.” Elections people are here to serve everyone, whether we may share their views or life experiences or not, and I really like that.

CDS: What are the reasons people should vote in local elections?

DT: People should vote in all elections, but especially local elections, such as city, school and county elections. In many ways, local governments affect our lives the most; from streets, to laws and ordinances, to law enforcement and education and taxes, local governments bear a large percentage of the responsibility for the guidelines and provisions by which we live our lives.

CDS: Do you have a favorite food? What’s your favorite music?

DT: I like fresh veggies, fruit, eggs and meat, and especially love how eating healthy can make you feel so much better and think so much more clearly. My favorite music is Church music, specifically pipe organ and choir music. My first degree was in music, and I’ve been honored to play some beautiful instruments over the years and help perform some beautiful choral music.

CDS: What hobbies do you have, if any?

DT: My hobby is ministry. I love being there for people in small ways, like a quick phone call or card, especially when things get rough for them. It’s also nice to always have those people around in case things get tough for me.



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