6-13-19 Womack mug.jpg

A jury trial scheduled in the 13th Judicial District Court Monday, June 10 was forgone when the defendant agree to a plea deal, according to District Attorney Will Dixon.

In January 2018, Jason Womack, Sr., 56, was arrested after Navarro County Sheriff's Office detectives Sgt. Ricky Ragan and Lt. Clint Andrews executed a search warrant at his home, recovering a little less than one gram of methamphetamine.

According to Dixon, Womack's extensive criminal history complicated the case.

Normally, possession of less than a gram of methamphetamine has a maximum punishment of 24 months in a state jail facility. However, Womack’s history made him eligible to serve up to 20 years in prison.

“I asked assistant district attorney, Ken Leatherman, to speak with the lead detectives on the case about an acceptable plea deal,” said Dixon. “They approved of a plea offer of 19 months, just 5 months shy of the maximum punishment, if not enhanced.”

“The defendant agreed to the deal, so we were able to let 200 hundred citizens of Navarro County not spend all of their day in court,” said Dixon. “Justice was served and resources saved.”

In the three months since District Attorney Dixon was appointed there have been seven jury trials.