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Bennie Earl Davis pleaded guilty to manufacture/delivery of 5.59 grams of cocaine, a first-degree felony Sept. 16. He also pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated with three children passengers, a state jail felony, which was enhanced to a second degree felony.

Judge James Lagomarsino sentenced Davis to 25 years in prison for the cocaine and two years in prison for the DWI with children passengers. Davis had been convicted of several prior felonies and misdemeanors, including violent felonies.

Sgt. Mark Nanny was on routine patrol Jan. 19 when he encountered a vehicle with its flashers blinking and driving very slowly. While he watched the vehicle, he saw two young children standing in the front passenger seat. He stopped the vehicle, and when he approached the children were still standing in the seat. Davis, whose speech was slurred, was driving the vehicle.

According to reports, Sgt. Nanny asked Davis to exit the vehicle and Davis almost fell to the ground. Sgt. Nanny couldn’t conclude all of the standard field sobriety tests because the defendant was so intoxicated. There were three children under the age of three in the car.

On March 16, Sgt. Mark Nanny of the Corsicana Police Department responded to an assault taking place and discovered Davis at the center of the disturbance. He was out on bond for the DWI with children passengers. While conducting an investigation into the assault, Sgt. Nanny discovered cocaine on Davis. He field-tested the cocaine and arrested Davis.

Facing the possibility of life in prison due to his many previous felony convictions, Davis agreed to plead guilty in exchange for a 25-year sentence for the cocaine.

“Sgt. Mark Nanny’s experience and professionalism led to both of the convictions. This is another example of Corsicana Police Department’s relentless pursuit to rid Corsicana’s streets of illegal narcotics,” District Attorney William “Will” Dixon stated.

Assistant District Attorney Kenneth Leatherman prosecuted the case.

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