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Robert Marshall pleaded guilty to manufacture/delivery of approximately 343 grams of methamphetamine, a first-degree felony Jan. 3. He also pleaded guilty to tampering with a witness, a first-degree felony.

Prior to these guilty pleas, Marshall had been convicted of several felonies and misdemeanors.

Navarro County Sheriff Deputy Rickey Ragan received information Feb. 4, 2019 that Marshall was in possession of a large quantity of methamphetamine at his home, which he was selling. Based on this information, Deputy Ragan applied for a search warrant.

NCSO deputies searched his residence where they found numerous baggies of methamphetamine packaged for sale, digital scales for weighing the methamphetamine, and a police scanner that the defendant was using to monitor police activity, which is commonly used by drug dealers to attempt to avoid the confiscation of their drugs. The deputies also discovered $2,350 in cash from narcotics sales.

Marshall was arrested; after deputies gave him his Miranda warnings, he admitted on camera that all of the narcotics were his. However, while in jail, Deputy Ragan discovered that Marshall had reached out to someone that had been living at his home demanding that person claim the narcotics belonged to him.

“He threatened that person and attempted to bribe him, which is why Marshall was convicted for witness tampering,” stated William “Will” Dixon, Navarro County District Attorney.

Facing the possibility of life in prison due to his prior felony convictions, Marshall agreed to plead guilty in exchange for a 25-year sentence for both felonies.

“Sgt. Rickey Ragan’s experience and professionalism led to both of the convictions,” Dixon stated. “We are thankful for his hard work.”

Assistant District Attorney Kenneth Leatherman prosecuted the case.

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