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A 16-year-old Corsicana High School students faces an assault charge after an attack on a younger student on a district school bus Oct. 4, caught on video by another student.

The video, included in the report published by WFAA Channel 8's Matt Howerton last week, shows the older student violently attacking a 13-year-old student seated on the bus.

According to reports, the older student boarded the bus to confront the younger student.

Just under a minute long, the video shows the older student landing a barrage of punches before the younger student is able to stand up and fight back.

According to family members interviewed by WFAA under the protection of anonymity, the 13-year-old suffered a concussion, bruising, and a hematoma as a result of the attack. Reportedly, Corsicana ISD Police arrested the 16-year-old the following day.

“Corsicana ISD has a zero-tolerance policy for behavior exhibited in the video,” stated Susan Johnson, spokesperson for CISD. “The aggressor in the altercation, who is underage, was disciplined according to the district's student code of conduct. The appropriate outside authorities were notified to take care of the situation.

Riding a bus is a privilege, not a right. Student safety will always be our priority.”

Corsicana ISD told the Daily Sun that, prior to this incident, CISD has been initiating the SMART tag system for students who ride buses.

“This system provides ID badges for students to scan when they board and depart the bus,” Johnson stated. “The scanning of the ID alerts parents of the location of their child.”

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