A soft breeze helped to temper the last few days of August's heat as Song Fest took place at the Moontower at the Oaks Restaurant Pavilion last Friday.

The four-hour concert event enjoyed a busy attendance as nearly 100 people showed up for an evening of contemporary and acoustic melodies from local musicians Jodi Brown, Sissy Perry, Courtney Prater, and Veronica Reyes. The four artists performed individually and as groups throughout the night showcasing a unique sound for each and every performance.

Guests also purchased raffle tickets for an opportunity to win an eight-person dinner to Mita's Coffee House and Fine Food, Angelita Vineyard and Winery, Timbers, or Lady Diana's Zen Cafe with entertainment provided by the winner's artist of choice.

Frank Hull, Chairman of the Hull Creative Arts Foundation, was pleased with the event's family type reception, as guests enjoyed Moontower's food and wine that was provided by Angelita Vineyard and Winery.

“We're here to raise money, but what is really important is the energy of the people coming together,” said Hull. “That's what it's all about.”

The Hull Creative Arts Foundation is a nonprofit organization that promotes the value of creative arts by providing art and local theater training college scholarships for Navarro County students.

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