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Texas State Representative Cody Harris (R-Corsicana) filed two house bills this week to protect workers who are facing vaccine mandates and their consequences.

On Tuesday and Friday, Harris filed House Bill 119 and House Bill 137.

“While I wish a simple bill could be written that simply says, ‘no COVID-19 vaccine mandates by employers,’ as Texas state lawmakers we have to work within the confines of both the State and U.S. constitutions,” Harris said.

The first of the two measures, HB 119, is a measure to actually aid an employee who has lost their job due to vaccine mandates. It is designed to free an employee from any non-compete agreement they may have agreed to when taking their job.

“To produce a law that will stand up to court challenges, they must be narrowly written, targeting specific parts of the law. That’s why I’ve written these two bills the way they are,” he said.

HB 137 would prohibit a city, county, school district or state agency from entering contracts with companies who require their employees to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Harris said the bills do not have anything to do with the effectiveness of the vaccines. Instead, the emphasis is on individual rights, including protecting a person’s right to choose what is best for them and for their family.

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