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Nintendo released a new mobile game on Nov. 21: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. It's the company's first foray into mobile for the Animal Crossing series. The gameplay is simply foraging for fruit, catching insects, fishing, building relationships with a variety of villagers, and decorating your own campground and RV.

You begin the game in the role as a Campsite Manager and are tasked with decking out your campground with items that will entice animal campers to want to stay there. You travel from spot to spot via an RV, meeting other animals and even other players.

The game does have a premium currency called Leaf Tickets. They can be used to speed-up certain processing in the game. While you can use real money to purchase Leaf Tickets, you don't really need to do so. There are plenty of ways to earn them simply by playing the game, in fact, you can easily get over 500 without buying a single one!

The basic currency in the game is called Bells. You can use these to purchase clothes and items from the Market Place, but you will also need them (and other building materials) for crafting various furniture and amenities for your campsite. Those "other building materials" I mentioned are acquired by completing specific requests from the animal villagers found throughout the game.

There is a social aspect of the game, in which you can share your ID by copying it and pasting it into a text or an e-mail. I have even seen people take a screenshot of their "Share Your ID" screen and share it to their social media accounts. There is also an option to link the game to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, thus enabling you to find even more friends that are playing the game.

Having a good amount of friends will help you level up and acquire more Bells, Leaft Tickets, and items at a faster rate. There is one area on the map called Shovelstrike Quarry, which provides the opportunity for you to receive additional craft materials and Bells. One way of accessing this area is to use 20 Leaf Tickets, however, if you have a good amount of friends on your list, you can ask each of them to "Lend a hand". If a total of 5 of your friends accept your request, then you get free access to the area and can play a quick game of going around and hitting rocks with a shovel and getting gems and silver or gold nuggets. In return for your hard work, you'll be rewarded.

The other friendly aspect of gameplay is visiting your friends' and other players' campsites. You can get ideas of how to layout your furniture and items, as well as walk up to the player and give them kudos for doing such a great job as Campsite manager.

Now why do you want to give kudos so willy-nilly? Well, there is a section in the game's menu that contains both Timed Goals and Stretch Goals. These goals give specific instructions for you to achieve and in return you are rewarded with either Leaf Tickets or craft materials. The Timed Goals are only available for a few hours and then changed to a new set of goals, while the Stretch Goals are a fixed list that can only be completed one time each.

Nintendo really hit it out of the park with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. It's a fun game for everyone in the family to enjoy. The graphics are cute and lively, and the gameplay is simple enough that anyone can pick it up quickly.

If you do decide to download the game, it's free-to-play. You can add me as a friend.

My user name is: Mnemonic and my ID is: 7932 4526 237

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