Navarro County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a report of a shooting at Camp Wanica late Saturday night near Mildred.

NCSO Deputies arrived less than 10 minutes after the call was dispatched, but found only five of the approximately 150 people reported to have been at the location on FM 637.

Deputies spoke to the people on scene and learned that a fight had broken out and shots were fired, however, according to a press release from NCSO, there were no witnesses at the location who observed the shooting.

Dispatchers told additional Deputies responding that a shooting victim from the Camp Wanica incident was in a personal vehicle at the parking lot of Mickey's Exxon awaiting an ambulance.

NCSO located the victim, who had two gunshot wounds in the leg and had been hit in the face with a gun. The victim told Deputies that he did not know who shot him.

Deputies at Camp Wanica discovered several alcohol containers, boxes of beer and liquor bottles around the campground along with a flier announcing the event as a BYOB party with a cover charge.

Detectives followed up with the victim at the hospital on Monday. The victim repeated that he did not know who shot him and declined to press charges.

The incident is still under investigation by NCSO.