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100W transforms former Odd Fellows Lodge May 25

From Staff Reports

100 West will host an opening reception from 3 to 6 p.m. Saturday, May 25 for Artists Rachel Wolfson Smith and Edison Peñafiel, who will present its Reenactments of a Perpetual Cycle, as they transform the former Odd Fellows Lodge in Corsicana. Admission is free.

This is the first collaborative exhibition between artists Wolfson Smith and Peñafiel. They invite everyone to navigate through the renovated historic 100W building, and experience site-specific drawing and video installations in the building’s upper levels.

The exhibition focuses on movement in the landscape; interpreted by Peñafiel as a backdrop for human migration, and by Wolfson Smith as expansive hand drawn environments. Echoing the building’s ritualistic legacy as the home of the International Order of Odd Fellows, the duo transforms the enormous space into settings for physical exploration and contemplation of timeless realities.

Wolfson Smith’s immersive drawing installation is set in the 2,400 square foot light-filled room the drawings were created in. A row of 12 feet graphite drawings featuring dense landscapes line the 60 feet wall in the second floor studio, and share an expansive intimacy with the space. Wolfson Smith constructs her drawings from dozens of sources over many sessions. Thoughts and notes collected over the course of the residency are jotted on the paper with urgency, and are erased or covered over as scenes develop on top of them. The process becomes marked as a record of time on the page. Her work creates a tense balance between cycles of movement and stillness, reenacted again and again in different forms.

Peñafiel’s multimedia installation combines video projections and physical objects to create an immersive audiovisual environment. Through the combination of mediums such as drawing, photography, video, and found objects, his installation stages a caravan of masked characters gradually marching through an animated never-ending terrain. The historic Odd Fellows building, which periodically hosted rituals and enactments of Old Testament narrative in the past, will once again become a stage for a virtual performance that focuses on the contemporary exodus throughout Europe and the Americas.

“The video loop brings up the idea of the perpetual and the eternal,” Peñafiel said. “We see these marching characters trapped in a specific time and place, a moment that keeps happening repeatedly, both in the installation and with migrants around the world. The cartoonish quality that represent these absurd situations is not far from reality.”

“The connection between our work is visceral,” Wolfson Smith said. “I focus on creating dark still moments in bright chaotic spaces, and Eddy projects light into the darkness. I connect to the landscape on an intimate level, and he does so much more broadly. Moving from my light-filled space to his darkened room is a powerful sequence to experience.”

“We often talk about space being material, so we try to identify artists who can justify three thousand square feet,” Kyle Hobratschk, 100W Co-founder said. “We don’t decorate, the building’s exterior ornament is enough. The place is kept minimal so that the work is focused.”

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