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A jury in the 13th Judicial District Court found Debra Dee Roller guilty of Deadly Conduct On Feb. 12, 2020 for firing a handgun in the direction of her estranged stepson and his girlfriend. She was sentenced to three years of probation.

"This was a particularly unfortunate situation where a family squabble went too far,” said Navarro County District Attorney William “Will” Dixon.

“Mrs. Roller wasn't trying to hurt or kill anyone. She was just trying to scare them. But she discharged a firearm in a situation that did not justify that level of force, and she put lives at risk by doing so. We had to hold her accountable for this."

Assistant District Attorneys Robert Koehl and Enoch Basnett tried the case.

"We were never trying to put Mrs. Roller in prison,” Koehl stated. “We just wanted her to take responsibility for her actions.”

"We're thankful to the jury for listening to all the evidence,” Basnett said. “Everyone in this case did a good job. Joseph Aguilar and Kathleen Cameron did a great job defending Mrs. Roller."

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