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The Corsicana Police Department detained Shannen Martin during a shoplifting investigation Feb. 21, 2018. While in custody, Martin defecated in the seat of a police vehicle and buried a small bag of illegal drugs in her feces to hide them from police officers.

She was charged with possession of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence. She was also charged with injury to a disabled person, stemming from a separate incident wherein she maced one of her relatives during an argument.

Martin pled guilty to all three charges. After a contested hearing on punishment March 6, 2019, the court granted her probation instead of prison time.

In September, the Navarro County Community Supervision Department filed paperwork to revoke Martin's probation, alleging multiple violations of her probation conditions.

She pled true to one of the violations in exchange for a plea offer of three years in prison. The Court accepted the plea offer and sentenced Martin Feb. 6, 2020.

“The disgusting nature of Ms. Martins's actions underscore why this woman needs to be in prison, and not out in the community doing further harm,” stated Navarro County District Attorney Will Dixon.

“Most people would never even consider defecating in a car so that they could hide contraband in their own feces. This individual has proven repeatedly why the public needs to be protected from her.”

Assistant District Attorney Robert Koehl prosecuted the case.

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