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Corsicana's YMCA Premier Baseball Association season opens Monday, April 5, with events planned at the Stuart J. Beebe Athletic Complex located at 1500 North 45th Street. President Cody Muldner and Jon Ingham encourage the public to come out and enjoy a day at the ballpark.

“Our program was recognized with a five-year banner from Dixie Youth Baseball at the State Dixie Meeting where the program won the largest tournament in the state with funds granted from Corsicana Visitors Bureau,” Muldner said. “In addition to winning the bid for the tournament, Corsicana YMCA Youth Premier Baseball Association also won a raffle for free Dixie Affiliation fees for the 2021 season. That couldn't have come at a better time with our record breaking season.”

For the first time since the conception of the program, it has exceeded 400 participants with 415 players registered and more on the waiting list. There are over 124 coaches heading up the 35 teams. There will be 168 games played this season, not counting post season or all-star tournaments.

“The growth of the program is a reflection of perseverance,” Muldner said. “As in every program or congregation, attrition is going to happen. We have had board members come and go, along with players and coaches. We know we are doing something right because we have players and coaches that have left to go experience other programs and end up back with us.”

Organizers said Sharla Allen and Darrell O'Sullivan with Corsicana Parks and Recreation Department were both extremely instrumental in the success of the program.

“Darrell is always working to find ways to improve the fields for the kids, and Sharla works with the program both during and after hours to make sure things run smoothly,” Muldner said. “It takes a village, and our program is beyond blessed to have Sharla and Darrell on the team.”

The YMCA recently purchased a new mound to put out at the new Stuart Beebe Complex.

Muldner said everyone gives a little and pulls together to make it the safest and best experience for the kids.

“The board is fully supported by the CEO of the YMCA, Thomas Burns. As a former board member, he trusts the board to handle the day to day activities and to make decisions that are in the best interest of the kids and the program. The YMCA liaisons to the board are Jake Gililland and Kasey Jessie. The two are a power duo and complement each other very well. Special thanks to Ann Marrett and the CVB, Main Street and Tourism Director Amy Tidwell, Sharla and Darrell with Parks & Recreation Department and to Thomas Burns, CEO of the YMCA,” he said.

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