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Mark Archibald, Daily Sun columnist

The brain is extremely powerful, even still, its limitations cause it to play tricks from time to time. During an investigation, eyewitness testimony needs to be corroborated because people can neglect details when recounting an incident, sometimes seeing completely different things, while viewing the same event.

While some see largely peaceful protests, and a movement toward racial justice, good trouble, and a need for police reform; others who view themselves as the silent majority, seek law and order, and view violence rioting and looting as signs of disrespectful, un-American activity. All leading to societal upheaval.

During the recent political conventions, I questioned the accounts of the candidates’ and those who spoke on their behalf. Neither, seemed overly successful in convincing persuadable voters to take the leap. Neither, spent much time discussing policy. The Democrats’ failed to address working class voters, leaving me to wonder if they had any interest in earning for the support of those who had buoyed them for generations. Similarly, halfway through the Republican convention, I was searching for a sense of acknowledgement and empathy, while the country continues to face coronavirus and racial tension, amid economic concerns.

The First Lady and President Trump’s children, attempted to soften the President’s image. Assisted by Dr. Jill Biden, a vignette featuring Brayden Harrington, the teen who Joe Biden helped through a stuttering issue, was designed to accomplish the same strategy. Campaign aides hope personal touches help push undecided voters off either side of the fence.

Generally, the four-day affairs leave partisans keenly aware of their candidate’s themes, as well as the lines of attack to wage against the opposition. But elections are won by convincing those in the margins, not with loyalists alone.

Since January, COVID-19 has affected our interactions and frayed connections. Americans have isolated and continued to think about how their lives, economic well-being, daily routines, and businesses have been affected.

During her pre-taped speech, Former First Lady, Michelle Obama, low balled COVID-19’s death toll on the American People. Republicans quipped that she and other Democrats were unwilling to face a convention crowd. However, by doing so Republicans will be forced to address the administration’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis thus far as well as the prospect that nearly 225,000 Americans are projected to die from COVID-19 by Election Day.

At this point President Trump holds a polling advantage in economic matters, while people trust Biden to unite the country, deal with the pandemic, and racial justice. Each candidate will attempt to focus their supporters and gain others in the final days.

Part of the disconnect experienced during these conventions was necessitated by significant changes due to the pandemic. Normally, delegates have what amounts to a politically sanctioned shindig, before returning to work.

Both candidates successfully contrasted themselves with their opponent. President Trump discussed two visions, agendas, and philosophies during his acceptance speech. Biden spoke of uniting the country and leading all Americans. In 244 years, Americans have seen a lot, but there is even more to witness before this election.

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