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Mark Archibald is a Daily Sun columnist. His column, On the Mark, runs in the Friday edition of the Daily Sun.

Sometimes events happen which make me wish someone could find the remote and hit the fast forward button. People are actually filming themselves licking ice cream then putting it back on the shelf. Beyond disgust, I am left wondering just how someone could develop the self-control necessary to put it back before finishing the entire quart.

An application allowing people to view pictures of themselves twenty years into the future spread like wildfire. While I respect attempting to speed past the uninteresting parts of life, no one can defeat Father Time.

The Air Force has cautioned against anyone showing up to “storm” the military proving ground known as Area 51. Take heed of the military’s not so veiled warning, unless one is willing to spend time in prison or worse, stay home. This may be the way to quickly test Charles Darwin’s theory while thinning the herd.

I’m not sure about the existence of intelligent life on other planets, but given the last few years I’m more convinced that there are fewer intelligent beings here than once believed.

Can we fast forward to the point where good sense is again common? In addition, is it too much to ask that politicians show a genuine interest in solving problems while serving the people?

I am among those who believe that impeaching President Trump is either unnecessary or imprudent. Still, impeachment is championed by a vocal minority in the House of Representatives. Keep in mind members who support the effort are from the more progressive districts. They do not speak for the majority of Americans, or their caucus.

Nothing makes me cringe more than hearing a member of the media ask, “If you were in Congress today, would you vote for impeachment?”

Majorities are maintained by blending extreme members of a party with their moderate counterparts. Ideological purity will quickly turn governing majorities into ineffective and overly politicized poster children.

I believe if the election were held today, Donald Trump would win re-election. The popularity of the President within the party is at historic levels, but his approval with the base shouldn’t be counted on to carry Republicans to victory in the House of Representatives. House and Senate candidates must focus their campaigns on issues, convincing voters they will work together and find solutions to issues like health care, immigration and economic stewardship, among others. Those who are fiscally responsible are now as rare as unicorns even within the once conservative Republican Party.

Candidates should never allow themselves to be taken down the rabbit hole of nonsense hypothetical questions. Productive campaigns spend their time listening to constituents while providing contrast with opponents. Good government demands nothing less.

Each party’s candidates must be earnest and resist commenting on the Presidential race when possible. House and Senate candidates will be overshadowed by the race for the White House, but candidates must stay disciplined and leave the commentary for others. Resources are precious in the midst of campaigns, House and Senate candidates will soon discover that nothing moves quite as fast as time.