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Guy Chapman 

Before he passed, one of the last things that my father shared with me is his want that I go out and find something that would actually use my talents as a writer.

Between writing a book and now working at a newspaper.... Better late than never, Dad.

So here I am: Corsicana Daily Sun's newest reporter. Chances are that you're already familiar with my writing here. I'm that wild-haired man who talks about the pop culture that kept me entertained as a wild-haired kid. I'll still be talking about those things, but now I'll be highlighting some other subjects as well.  

I'll be talking about our community.

I'm really looking forward to sharing this next chapter with you. Writing about our town's past and connecting with those stories again reminded me that my work isn't quite as done as I thought when I first left Corsicana 20 years ago. I went out, lived a variety of experiences, and now I've come home again. It feels natural returning here, like reuniting with an old friend. I'm grateful for what I've learned. And now it's time to give back.

I've spent over twenty-five years in the entertainment business, from the small screens of the video game industry, to the big screens of the film industry. In-between, I've written about topics I've loved, and I've written for a variety of clients covering a variety of random subjects. You learn the limits of your creativity when you spend a year and a half writing about weird medical procedures and shipping containers.

My real passion, however, lies with storytelling. I want to help further our town's story: past, present, and future, so this move made sense. For fair disclosure, I may end up writing something that you don't agree with at some point, or worse, you don't like to read. And that's okay. New perspectives open up conversations and ideas. But I'd like for you to get to know me and be a voice you can trust.

I'm looking forward to exploring what I can offer the Daily Sun. I definitely have story ideas, and I want to hear your stories as well. I do think part of Corsicana's future is looking back at the many things we've accomplished in this small town and finding new outlets for that determination, creativity, and heart we make here. Whether big or small, every amazing, funny, and wonderful experience that I've ever had found its origin from here in some way. I just took those inspirations to other places for a while.

If you see me out and about, feel free to say "Hello". Just not when I'm taking a bite of food. No one wants to see me chewing.