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“It snowed last night!”

The missus shook me out of sleep with the announcement, and I groggily stumbled to the door to see what she was talking about. Sure enough, the entire backyard was solid white, and even in my still sleep induced comatose state, I found the view beautiful.

It's been a while since I've seen real snow, the last time I can recall was in 2008 when I still lived in Las Vegas. There was something surreal about seeing the pyramid of the Luxor Casino and the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign covered in a layer of frozen white.

My dogs, originally being from Las Vegas, were born and rescued some time after that snowstorm. I chuckled as I watched them explore the “new” environment with perplexed and confused looks. My terrier mix, Frodo, looked back at me especially betrayed, as if I had somehow done this to him.

I like snowy weather as it has a tendency to slow things down, though I'm sure people in the northern states would strongly disagree with my opinion. I remember enjoying the snow here as I was growing up, one of the few times I would willingly get up early to hear if schools were closed for the day. It's not that I disliked school, per se. I just liked my personal time more.

When I was little, I remember Mom bundling me up to go out and “play” in the snow, a description I put in quotes as Mom had a tendency to put so many layers of clothes on me that I couldn't move my arms or legs, so she would pick me up and plunk me out in the yard like a lawn ornament for half an hour.

Somewhere, I have a picture of Mom and me in the snow, where she looked like an Antarctic explorer as we posed with a snowman whose facial features were crafted from the finest dog food nuggets.

As a teen and young twenty-something, I have memories of one of my friends and I trying to skate on patches of ice with only our shoes, laughing like idiots as our hands and faces froze. I also remember nearly crashing my car into a telephone pole with that same friend because we took a corner too fast. Come to think of it, we did a lot of ridiculous things the winter of 1997.

And I'll never forget that one spring day where I started out in shorts in 70 degree weather, only to end that day huddled in front of the fireplace due to a freak snowstorm blowing in that afternoon. Texas weather never fails to surprise or impress me.

It's funny what memories come flowing back from a moment or waking up to something not experienced in a while. It felt like “snow weather” Wednesday night, but I figured it would pass us over completely without incident. In this instance, I appreciated calling this one wrong.

While there wasn't a full snow day to spend walking outside with my dogs or sitting in front of the fire, and what snow we did get was gone by lunchtime, the recent weather did put me in a good mood.

I wouldn't mind a sequel to today in the near future.

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