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I am not often excited to go to the movies every day. I am not into the big action stuff simply for the sake of outlandish graphics and video manipulation. I’m not a fan of most movies that are gratuitous with sex and violence. It even took me years to watch Schindler’s List because cruelty makes me sad. Though when I did see it, it’s the kind of movie that makes the soul weep and at the same time the heart rejoice.

I have few celebrity crushes but definitely Tom Hanks is one of them. However, as goes a line in the movie, “Don’t ruin my childhood.” Mr. Rogers is that almost untouchable icon from innocent days of childhood. While Rogers seemed hokey and simple at times, we never felt that as children. Mr. Rogers represented simplicity and friendliness. Tom Hanks has quoted Mr. Rogers’ saying, “There are three things that can make you happy in life: kindness, kindness and kindness.” It is often wisdom that comes in the most basic thoughts and actions. When we start with kindness, it’s catching. It’s love.

I have held my breath and waited to see the movie because I didn’t want anything to change the view of a childhood favorite. I recall the sweaters, those tennis shoes, the little puppets and the sing song melodies. Reviews are coming in and giving me cause to feel even more excited than before.

Cheers to the good guys Mr. Rogers and Mr. Hanks and those who create movies that are about love. And here’s to kindness, kindness and kindness.

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