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My husband and I are planning a vacation. As we thought about where to go and what to do, we knew we wanted to go to a beach and to travel somewhere that we hadn’t been before. It may sound silly but my idea of Charleston, South Carolina came from having watched the silly TV reality show Southern Charm.

It fit the beach criteria and I’ve never been. David visited in his childhood years, so it more or less counted as somewhere “new” for us. So why Charleston? I just love the view that this television production has given us of the Old South.

We all know the Old South has a not so proud history of slavery. Of course, there is nothing glorified in that. But Charleston holds historical interest in large part. David and I are fond of history. Might I remind you that one of our first few dates included a visit to the Holocaust museum in Downtown Dallas as well as a stop at the Book Depository?

Charleston was founded in 1670. Most of us think of our hundred-year-old buildings in Texas as old. Statehood for us came 175 years later. On the agenda is to visit the old downtown to see the architecture. The city is host to many, many old churches and cathedrals celebrating many Christian faiths and a Jewish synagogue. Add to it nature centers, parks and the water! I know Dear David would like to see the naval museum and of course Fort Sumpter. There is also much to find out about African American history. And a boat ride is a must on any coastal town

I believe Charlestonians have a bit of a mystique. I think the people have that old, charming southern drawl different from our own. They seem to be a throwback of genteel times. They may have disagreements, but they can smile and get along. Beyond that, they are not glued to television sets, iphones and ipads. They have old fashioned meetups and do things like shrimp and crawfish boils. Women and men go fox hunting or skeet shooting. They seem to live in a way that many people have simply forgotten about. They have those beautiful front and back porches shaded by big, hundreds year old trees. They talk, face to face, while sipping rum punch or something fanciful. It makes for great television. And no you can’t believe everything you see and hear from a t.v. show. But I like their style. I like getting dressed up for the occasional fancy dinner and good conversation. I suspect if I weren’t so firmly rooted in Texas, I would make a great transplanted Charlestonian.

We plan on enjoying the food, the milder temperatures and hopefully tons of that Southern Charm. But we’ll always come back to our home sweet home. Our Texas. Our Corsicana.


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