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A reader called the Corsicana Daily Sun office this week and asked: “Your coverage area is known as the Golden Circle but what is the Golden Circle?”

The man said he was relativity new to the area and a Google search turned up very few results, none of which linked the term back to the Daily Sun.

Wait, what? Everyone knows what the Golden Circle is, right?

Granted, I have worked at the newspaper for over 14 years, which is long enough for a new generation of readers to have been born, grown up and entered into high school.

I did my own web search for the Golden Circle and the top hit was a tourist route in southern Iceland. We can check that one off the list.

I also found Kingsman: The Golden Circle, a spy comedy film sequel featuring Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges? Not even close.

There are a few local businesses with Golden Circle in their names such as Golden Circle Plumbing, Golden Circle Exterminators, and Golden Circle Tree Care. There is even a Golden Circle Activity Center in Ennis.

There is still a sign up for the defunct Golden Circle Savings Bank at 109 N. Main downtown, now home to CrossFit Corsicana.

So why do we call our coverage area the Golden Circle? (Often shortened to GC as in our GC Sports and GC Football magazines.)

The answer lies right outside our front door on the historical marker in front of the building (which is also a Pokestop, for those of you who still play Pokemon GO.)

According to our Corsicana Newspapers landmark: “In 1962 the Harte-Hanks newspaper chain established the news coverage area as the 'Golden Circle,' which represented a 30-mile radius of Corsicana.”

So, not only is it a geographical region much like Palestine's Dogwood Trails, it actually defined our coverage area.

The term is as old as the Beatles and much like the mop-topped fab four, the Golden Circle went through some changes over time.

Former publisher Raymond Linex II said former publisher Gary Connor told him the story about how former publisher Art Keeney laid out a map, took a compass and drew a circle around Corsicana. He claimed this area literally “encompassed” our coverage area for the purpose of covering area high school football teams.

The original Golden Circle included the towns of Fairfield, Mexia, Teague, Italy and may explain the Golden Circle Activity Center in Ennis.

These days we pretty much stay close to Navarro County, with the addition of Hubbard and sometimes Wortham, which both sit near the county line.

While the digital age has changed the way we report news, we find our resources are best used to tell the stories of local people and businesses that would not otherwise be recognized in larger markets.

So, there you have it, straight from the former publishers' mouths, the lost history of the Golden Circle is explained.

This is your community, your newspaper, our commitment. This is your Golden Circle.

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