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The Corsicana Daily Sun would like to commend the City of Corsicana for supporting its Parks & Recreation and Public Library Departments this budget season.

Just as roads, water and public safety are considered essential public services, we believe parks and libraries are important in maintaining quality of life in a community.

If Corsicana is going to promote itself as a desirable location for businesses and housing it has to offer an active system of parks and library programs for public use and enjoyment.

According to the Parks & Recreation Department's 2019 pool report, from May 29 to Aug. 4, over 11,750 residents enjoyed one of the two Corsicana public park pools.

Another 10,575 children participated in summer programs from April 17 to Sept. 3.

For less than $5, kids could spend the day at the pool, have a snack and a drink under the supervision of lifeguards and other responsible adults.

Around 900 elderly residents took advantage of the Corsicana Senior Citizens' Center, also maintained by the Parks & Rec Department. The Senior Center offers our elders an opportunity to socialize in an air conditioned location away from their homes, with planned activities and programs.

As a newspaper that covers council meetings, we know that the majority of the revenue that funds these programs goes toward maintenance. Special projects are largely funded by grants or private donors, such as the library’s new audiobook selection or some of the recent bronze statues installed in downtown Corsicana.

As residents of the community, we urge you to attend meetings and let your elected officials know if you find these quality of life services valuable and useful. If you do, we encourage you to rally and speak out on behalf of the things you value in our community.

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