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As news of the first confirmed case of the dreaded COVID-19 virus hit Navarro County Thursday, city and county officials were already two weeks ahead of the curve.

Corsicana Fire Chief Paul Henley and Navarro County Office of Emergency Management Coordinator Eric Meyers invited the press Friday, March 13 to join local elected officials and representatives from Corsicana ISD, Navarro College and Navarro Regional Hospital to discuss preparedness and response to the disease which was declared as a global pandemic only two days prior.

The goal of the meeting was to relay a consistent message to the media to alleviate concerns and discuss county-wide efforts.

In this time of unreliable information spreading over social media channels, the purpose was to keep residents informed, not in fear.

Meyers said other counties were looking to us to help educate them and make decisions for their own residents.

The Daily Sun wants its readers to know how fortunate we are to have an Office of Emergency Management and Health Department right here in Navarro County.

In the two weeks since, NCOEM has provided daily updates with case tallies and other relevant information.

Corsicana Fire Rescue distributed a public service announcement video showing residents what it is doing to protect residents and first responders with special gear and ambulance-cleaning equipment.

The Corsicana City Council and Navarro County Commissioners, after much deliberation, ordered shelter in place measures. These decisions did not come easy. Many of these elected officials are small business owners themselves and did not take lightly the decision to close businesses in our own neighborhoods.

Critics claimed the swift response was too hasty and we should wait and see if the measures put in place by the Governor were working. In our opinion, we are out of time to wait and see what happens.

Now more than ever, it's time we take care of each other. During this time of uncertainty, the best we can do is continue to support local business, donate our time and money to non-profits and use our voices and social media contacts to advocate for individuals and organizations in need.

At the very least, if we all agree not to spread false information that may cause panic, political conspiracy theories and stop hoarding goods and over buying, we can all come out on the other side of this knowing we did our best during the worst of times.

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