To the Editor: On Saturday, Dec. 3, several young men decided to attend the rodeo. I and my family have known one of them for six years. He is a very respectful, hardworking young man. I would not be ashamed to be seen anywhere with this fellow. Saturday night some lady that seemed to have some authority at the rodeo told them to leave. Why? Because they looked different than everyone else there. I know, they had funny looking haircuts and earrings in their ears and chains, but they are citizens of the United States of America. They had a right to be there and watch the rodeo like everyone else. Well guess what, lady, the young man I know is serving his country. He is off duty right now awaiting orders to report to a ship belonging to the United States Navy. He will be protecting our country and the freedom to watch a rodeo. I know his hair was a little weird, but when he puts on our country’s uniform, he will look just like all the other sailors, protecting us and our freedoms. Shame on you!

Quanah Malott

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