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Megan Hempel, Daily Sun Assistant Editor

For weeks, news of the pandemic virus has been constant. As a member of the media, my exposure to this news only increases as the threat rises, but that's not what I want to focus on anymore.

So often in my profession, the news of the day can seem so gloomy, and what bright spots there are can easily be eclipsed by more bad news. It's necessary to take a step back to refocus on the good in the world.

Looking on the brighter side, as news of the virus began to spread, my mom, sister and I have been in constant contact. We now average several text messages and phone calls a day, when previously we were lucky to find the time to talk at all.

As this pandemic increases, so does our communication as we continue to send updates, check in, and share a few jokes.

Staying home with my family isn't uncommon for me, but the practice of social distancing has made me so much more thankful for a family I not only love, but love spending time with.

I'm thankful for our health and the companionship and support my husband and son bless me with daily, which I so often take for granted.

From videos of Italian neighbors confined to their homes, joining together to sing, lifting their spirits and ours' as we watch from across the globe, to Navarro County schools, businesses and organizations teaming up to provide displaced school children and homebound elderly with the meals and supplies they need – this is the news I want to hear.

When the panic passes, this is what I want us to remember. I want to remember how neighbors rose up to help each other, small communities not only held themselves together, but thrived, and we all learned to give just a little more care to ourselves and others.

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