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This week, I continue writing about “What’s On the Telly.” Since we’ve all had more time at home these days, I wanted to share some series I’ve found entertaining. Some of you may disagree with my next choice and that’s OK. But Ricky Gervais and After Life has me keenly interested. It also has me speaking British English a wee bit more.

Right off the bat, I’ll admit I don’t care for Gervais’ over-the-top vulgarity nor do I relate to some of his personal views. He is an atheist. Sometimes his character shares that view.

The show deals with cancer, divorce, death, addiction, prostitution (sex workers), lonely hearts, freaks and suicide. I admittedly am a schmuck for all things feel good on t.v. At first glance, this seems far from that, but it feels real. That side that Gervais brings about in the show is dumbfoundingly different from most of what is on television these days.

I also believe that After Life offers hope. Before you are lost or turned away because of the writer’s seeming disdain for religion and affinity for some filthy words; there is the hysterical, the absurd (Baby Hitler), the touching and kindness exemplified in the characters. Gervais’ character himself contemplates suicide which left us on the edge of our seat in Season Two. But again, as in life, nothing is guaranteed and nothing is simple. This is not the standard “everything comes out okay in the end” television.

Gervais may surprise you too. There’s a scene where he’s in church and at the pulpit. It is not for comedy sake and it shows that he does have some respect for other people’s values. I have shed tears from side splitting laughter and tears of sadness while watching After Life. Honestly, it feels like what life feels like. That, I can relate to.


Christy M. Huffman is a REALTOR© and writer in Corsicana. She can be reached at

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