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On those days that I am less than I can be, I remind myself that God made you, me and everybody good. Now is the opportunity for me to show Him what I can do.

The other day, frustration got the better of me and I spoke to someone and said some things I felt were unnecessary. It wasn’t a terrible exchange of words; simply unnecessary. I am capable of being so much more. Sometimes it is good to remind myself that saying nothing is even better than countering a low blow or low talker with the same. I previously had a co-worker that gave compliments that were normally a slap in the face. To her “credit” shall we say, I wouldn’t feel the normal slap until I walked away. And honestly when someone insults you nicely, it becomes hard to fire back. But is there a need to?

I remind myself that whether low words or low attitudes from others is typically an insecurity on their behalf. If I give in and do the same, it becomes my insecurity. I don’t want anyone to have that power over me. I’m not only a grown girl, I’m a child of God. People through time have suffered at the hands of others. It has been the resilient ones who have faced the pain and took the Godly path of peace, the higher ground, who seem to get their justice.

I find that I have this knowledge as we all do of what is right and what is wrong. It just seems that in my weakness, I give in and lower myself. I cannot do that. Living and dwelling in pain and regret is a dark and lonely place.

Living in forgiveness is living in the light. I believe that at the heart of all of us, we are capable of good. I believe God made us that way. It is free will that gives us the opportunity to stand and be strong in the face of trying times or to give in to evil. Especially as adults, I find it disheartening when I hear someone say, “Well, they did this to me first.”

We know better. I know better. I just have to remind myself. I’m a child of God and he made me Good. It’s now on me.