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I have debated on whether or not to share my “secret.” In searching for a local place conducive to studying, I’ve rather enjoyed NOT sharing this place with folks. But because the fine folks share the space so graciously, I figured I could and should share as well.

Let me say first that I am not someone that can study just anywhere. We have a lovely home with plenty of office space but I also have five rather co-dependent four-legged creatures who beg for my attention. They have a very keen sense of smell and I’m always easy to be found. Trust me, a whimper at the door (even with my earphones in) gets old quick.

Nothing against our downtown library but I’m a peculiar person when it comes to my happy place. I’m truly unsure if I have some sort of problems with attention. All the same, the downtown library, run by my new friend Marianne, is just not for me when it comes to studying. It’s fine for writing, it’s great for finding DVDs and books. It’s not bad if you need a little peace. But to fit the bill for 180 hours of self- directed online study for real estate school, I personally needed Q-U-I-E-T but with people around. If I’m too isolated I get bored. I know. I know. I’m weird this way but that is what works for me.

Alas, after it was suggested to call the Navarro College library, I did. The gentlemen on the other end of the line said that as a non-student/non-faculty member that I was still welcome to come and study. He further mentioned that guest WIFI was also provided. This is only a small part of why we love and support Navarro College.

My first day back in January, I walked up to the street side of the library. Ample parking meant I didn’t have to park six blocks away and hoof it. I walked up to the red brick building. It gave me the “feel goods” immediately, as I remembered my love for college. There’s always some reminiscing when I’m on any college campus. A quick trip up the long, narrow stairway outside and I was at the doors. I was a tad giddy when I saw the sign on the door. Paraphrased, it says that people using the library are expected to be quiet. This is how we were taught to behave in a library. You respect other people and when asked to be quiet, you do so. Call me old fashioned, call me old….it is what I’ve always liked and appreciated about libraries.

I jaunted upstairs. It’s beautiful and somewhat a step back in time while meeting the needs for modern day. That was quickly evident upon seeing the computer lab. I’ve also seen what appears to be a card catalog. I haven’t checked it out to see if it is updated. All the same, it is kind of a neat reminder of childhood.

This place has the feel of an old-fashioned library. Wood trimmed shelving, long heavy tables and chairs made out of wood are everywhere. Many little wooden study nooks fill much of the space upstairs. Among the traditional furniture pieces, there are also some cozy chairs and plenty of electrical plugs for all of the lap tops carried by library users. I don’t know how many people actually read in the library, other than what’s on their screen. But it still carries out it’s function. It’s a gathering place to afford people access to resources. It allows people to gather and learn.

I’m quickly approaching the end of my studies. Truly, I’m a bit sad that I won’t be camped out here every day. But I will return on occasion to soak in the serenity. It brings me a different kind of joy. It’s another treasure among life in Corsicana.