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I have a friend who understands my passionate attitude. That passion sometimes gets me into hot water. Most of the time, I’m soft spoken and quiet. Then when I’ve had my fill of whatever nonsense some folks can come up with, I blast like an atomic bomb. No one left standing. I jokingly blame the hot Latina blood in my veins. But I honestly feel that I am right.

It took this friend to give me a simple observation that has helped me change the way I view things. She took the book in front of her and held it up. She asked me to describe what I could see. I told her: gray and white cover and simple circle design. She asked if I saw the calculator. I knew she wasn’t crazy nor I. I said smiled and said no. She said, it’s right there. You sure you don’t see it? Again, negative response from me. She flipped around the book to reveal the front side which she had been looking at. There was a calculator front and center.

Point of the story? We were both correct in what we were seeing. She, viewing the book from the front saw the picture of the calculator. My view of the back cover showed mostly plain gray. Something that simple showed me that we all have a different perspective of this world. We all view things looking from our angle.

I’m lucky to have good friends. Instead of using the nuclear option, they give me simple reminders that we are all human and that we all have a different perspective. Funny how we are so much alike and yet so different.