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I’ve just had a ball running around to the mom and pop shops in Corsicana lately. I usually drop in to browse or to chat but I usually wind up buying big. Depending on how you look at it, it can be a good thing. I just need to convince my husband of that.

This sounds like another “shop local” reminder and it is. Sometimes, I just can’t help it and you shouldn’t either. We have tons of great local stores to drop in on and find the shabby chic, retro or just plain unique items. Tresa at Vintage Farmhouse had some old looking keys. They were perfect for my new venture as a real estate agent. They’re going up in the office soon. I once heard a cool story about keys and I’ve been hooked on them ever since. While visiting Spain with my father years ago, I was told that people can keep their home even if they have to leave it for an extended period of time. Simply put the keys above the doorway to signify you are going to return. I don’t know if it’s true or not. However, it gave me something to romanticize about. Homes after all are where our most personal moments happen: a baby’s first steps, meals and conversations with family or the family gathered around the Christmas tree. No matter big or small, home is where you really live your life. And it should be special. Our local stores are where I can usually find those cool pieces.

The other thing I happened to stumble upon at VF was an old-fashioned writing desk. Looks like it could have been handmade and probably dates to the early 1900’s. It’s age and simplicity of style, made it much more special. I even promised my husband David, a carpentry enthusiast, that I would not paint it. In tribute for his love of all things natural wood, I said I would stain it back to a nice warm finish. I wonder if World War II love letters were written at the desk. I’ll never know but it’s fun to think about. I will use it for a makeup vanity and will add in some mirrors inside and nooks for my jewelry. I think I’ll find some pretty felt to line the drawers. I could not think of any piece of new furniture that would have such an appeal as this writing desk. I find it especially fitting for me, a writer and now a real estate agent who loves all things about homes.

My abode is filling with the treasures of local shops and I love it. I also like the smiling faces and nice conversations with store owners. Their treasures make my space so personal. I love just dreaming about how my pieces of new-to-me furniture might have been used by their previous owners.

What is special about your home? What is important to you? Just a couple of questions to ask yourself when you start thinking about design and décor. While I like Home Goods, Tuesday Morning and other fun décor places, there are some things you just can’t find there. Little house or big, make it your own. Please keep shopping local.

Christy Mejia Huffman is a real estate agent and can reached at

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