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Editor's Note: Larry Hailey Sr. was a longtime Corsicana Daily Sun carrier and delivery driver.

To the Editor: The Corsicana Daily Sun recently lost a very loyal and valued employee, Larry Hailey. Larry was very hard working and concerned about the people he came in contact with.

I attended Frost High School with Larry, and he was a stud on the football team. As a freshman, we had to carry the seniors' helmets after practice. It was an honor to carry his helmet. Larry worked after school at the local cotton gin and would get off at midnight or 1 a. m. and came to school the next day. This was before the gin became automated, and the cotton had to be sucked off the trailers by hand into the gin. It took a real man to do that job. So on most of our bus trips to games, Larry made most of it by sleeping and getting some rest. This pattern set things for the rest of his life, and I understand that he had two jobs most of his life.

One weekend I came home and visited my grandmother, Alice Beans. While we were talking, her paper man drove up and it was Larry Hailey. We had a long visit for a busy man. I introduced him to my grandmother, so she would know his name. They became friendly, so when it rained or the weather was inclement he handed her paper to her. We have all heard the term that “no good deed goes unpunished.” My grandmother bragged to all of the other older women in her neighborhood that Larry brought her paper to her when the weather was bad. This led to the other women hitting him up and he did the same Larry's touch for them. So for many years he delivered her paper, rain or shine, to her door and checked on her. I am truly grateful and I am sure Larry did the same for others as well. So again the Corsicana Daily Sun lost a truly loyal and valuable employee. Larry was one of my heroes.

Respectfully, Bruce Porter