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To the Editor: My wife, Sammye Griffin, was in the hospital from May 15 to May 22 when she passed away. She was on the second floor of Navarro Regional Hospital.

From the time she arrived in great pain, the nursing staff was so good about trying to take care of her and her pain. For three or four days, they did all they could so she wouldn’t hurt.

When they knew she wouldn’t be here much longer they called Miranda Hipp, a nurse from New Century Hospice. She came out and checked on Sammye often and made sure she wasn't in any pain and that the family was up to date.

When Sammye passed away, Miranda told the family that they would take care of everything and she did.

We have nothing but praise for the care the nurses and staff on the second floor and for New Century Hospice provided for Sammye.

I want to thank them and the doctor for the good care they gave her during the last week of her life, I don't think she would have gotten any better care anywhere else.

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