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To the Editor: I would like to invite all who are tired of business as usual between the two “major” political parties to check out the Libertarian Party.

In 1971,Texas was one of the original 13 founding states at the first Libertarian Convention in Denver, Colorado.

That brings to mind another original 13 - the original colonies who fought to establish a new and independent nation.

The Libertarian party doesn't seek to establish a new nation; it seeks to re-establish the existing one as the founding fathers intended. Its goals are to increase personal liberty and freedom from government interference in daily life at all levels: local, county, state, and federal.

Navarro County sent three delegates to the state convention in Houston in spring of 2018 and one national delegate to the national convention in New Orleans in June 2018.

Check out lptexas.org for more information about the LP of Texas as well as the state platform and contact information for county affiliates.

People can also check out the Libertarian Party of Navarro County on Facebook, or email navarro@lptexas.org for more information.

Meetings are the third Thursday of each month from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at Sirloin Stockade and are open to the public.