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To the Editor: I direct this letter to the Navarro College Board of Directors, with my respect; but I also include my opinion "wrong then or wrong now?"

Back in the year 2005 your college board 100 percent supported gas fired power plants moving into Navarro County, on the top of your tax payers on Pisgah Ridge.

The folks who live out there were so insulted and mad, they raised a fuss and raised the money to defend themselves; which took them four and a half years and thousands of dollars to protect their land, animals and homesteads.

They were upset then, because the gas fired power plants were not not completely clean energy moving into their neighborhoods and would fouls their lands.

Now you Navarro College Board of Directors will not support tax abatements to support clean solar energy being produced in NC, Texas? Were you wrong then? Or wrong now Navarro College Board of Directors? Do you support dumping bad industries on your tax payers' heads, or will you support growing clean energy here? You can not have it both ways, no matter the years that have gone by.

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