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To the Editor: I read with interest about the “old” Daily Sun in a recent issue.

One memory about the Daily Sun which hit me, particularly perhaps because we are now entering election time and therefore politics are on a lot of folks' minds.

For some reason, I just clearly recalled one of my memories of my few years back in the 1950s on the staff of the Daily Sun. Particularly, I recall the visits to our old office (which no longer exists) by Mr. Mose Blumrosen. (hope I got the spelling right).

He would stop by our office on afternoons sometime, after the daily issue had been printed and distributed. I recall him talking with reporter Paul Moore, Circulation Manager Fred DuBose, and others in our office.

He was humorously and friendly referred to in those days, whenever he was in our office, as “the Only Republican” in Navarro County. My memory is not as good as I wish it was, but I do seem to recall that there really was not a single Republican official sitting in our courthouse during those days. In fact, one of my more recent memories is of David Garret, a friend, who bragged to me in about 2000, that he was “the first Republican elected” to office in Navarro County since the Civil War!

Times, they are so constantly changing.

George Brooks

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