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To the Editor: Children are our future and school should be a place where they feel safe and welcomed. This year alone there has been 45 school shootings in the United States. Hamilton College in New York City published an article discussing mass shootings and high school student’s opinion on the topic.

The research showed that nearly 60%t of students are concerned about gun violence in their school, 65% of students in the same survey felt that it would be easy for them to obtain a gun. The survey done by Hamilton College had a poll where they asked students about background checks and purchasing guns, 85%of the students agreed that a stricter law should be in place when concerning background checks and purchasing guns. This is 36% higher than a survey, conducted by CNN, which asked the same question to adults.

Contingency plans are set into place to prepare their classroom in case of a shooting. These contingency plans consist of practicing lockdown drills and having a plan with the location students can hide in case of an active shooter.

Teachers are instructed to take attendance and have a list of any missing or extra students in the classroom. The U.S government recommends classrooms be set up with emergency kits in case an accident occurs. Adults and law makers need to take action in regard to gun control in order for students to have a safer learning environment.

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