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I was very happy to read our Corsicana/Navarro County Economic Development Director, John Boswell, is working out a deal to bring a 3000 plus acre solar project to our community by 2021. Reference: Corsicana Daily Sun April 23, 2019 "County clears way for solar project." We have plenty of room in NC for beef, cotton and grain production; while we explore our options to become a major producer of clean energy in this state also. I sincerely want to thank Mr. Boswell and our local NC Commissioners Court for the work they are doing to re-create our extra NC lands into production of clean electricity; which will not upset the beef, cotton and grains operations already here. It would be wonderful to be recognized, around the world, as the big little county in Texas who struck oil first and then survived later on their clean beef, cotton, great grains and ability to produce clean energy for the rest of our new Texans. I admit I have another reason to write this letter. I want our local ranches and farms lands to stay in the hands of our own real Texas families, as more non Texans move here. Becoming a major producer of clean energy will allow those folks new options for income; while they save the things we all hold precious in Texas (like clean air, our awesome views of our setting sun in the west, topping a vista and dropping down into a valley of our creeks & rivers where we fish and hunt). As real NC Texans we have to work harder, if we are going to save our way of life here.