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To the Editor: Recently, I spent about a week in the hospital with Pneumonia. I am an 84-year-old woman who has had many hospital experiences, some good and some not so good. I am writing to let you and your readers know what a wonderful asset we have here in Navarro Regional Hospital.

The thing that can make or break a hospital, as far as I am concerned, is the staff. Even the best equipped hospital can be a miserable place for patient recovery if it its staffed by unhappy and incompetent employees. My experience in Navarro Regional has shown me what a treasure we have here in Corsicana. All the staff seem to love their work.

From the housekeepers who cleaned my room to the MD who greeted me in the ER, without exception, every person had a smile and a cheerful manner. I was treated, not just as one more “case,” but as a valued person who needed compassionate and loving care. I saw no evidence of that during my hospital stay. Since I am susceptible to falls and unstable on my feet, I needed a lot of of extra assistance and I was given it gladly.

Our dear angel stayed over, after her 12 hour shift, to help me with a shower. When I couldn't swallow the food I had ordered, the woman who delivered my tray kindly offered to bring me soup instead. The food at the hospital is quite good and nicely prepared, some even with extra garnishes; it is more like restaurant than hospital food.

As to the competence of the staff, they know what they're doing and usually explained it to me. They answered my many, many questions in terms I could understand. One day, when I had a frightening experience of extreme weariness, so intense that I couldn’t even life my arms, I found a team of medical angels surrounding my bed. They efficiently tested this, and that, and discovered that I was suffering extremely low blood sugar. The situation was soon remedied. Not content to leave the matter at that, they soon began checking out my heart and when something suspicious was discovered, they looked further – Echo Cardiograms, CAT scans and x-rays were all used to rule out heart problems, which was a great relief to me.

Most of my previous hospital experiences have taken place in huge hospitals in southern California, where I have lived most of my life; so I am comparing Navarro Regional with these, and I assure you that Navarro Regional comes out on top when I compare the things that matter most to me.

As a small hospital, Navarro will surely have its limitations, and sadly, we don't have the doctors in town to cover all the specialities, but I know for certain that if a patient requires services, not available here, they will get you to another hospital, probably in Dallas, so you can get the treatment you need.

I would like to thank all the dear angels who ministered to me during my recent stay in Navarro Regional Hospital. You are awesome, totally awesome!