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To the Editor: It seems vital that if any work for the betterment of humanity must, should, inevitably will have to involve open non-judgmental conversations.

Sometimes people react and don't take the time to hear and reason. I am quite sure in my 84 years of working with groups and committees there have been mistakes and usually it is because people don't listen without judging and getting the controlling ego involved.

It seems important to me that all work for the people be recognized that the people, the public be engages without some goal of manipulation even with good intent, not be carried out with truly hearing the voices of the people and committees without edition, acknowledging them for their work with some thanks.

Kudos to the Navarro and Corsicana Chamber of Commerce and Joanna Fritz, for the public forums State of the City, State of the County, State of the State.

Having seen what happened with the Roman Empire, English Empire, etc. and here shouldn't we learn what happens when there is no sharing of opinions, no hearing opinions, when the top think they know all the answers.

Hooray and congratulations for the Warehouse Living Arts (the Corsicana community playhouse) for talking and brilliantly stepping up to show ignite the public to “The Strange Thing That Happened to the Dog in the Night” and the “Wizard of OZ.” Oz brings back lots but personally the love of family with individual respect.

Regarding love and respect, hooray for thanksgiving and the family that is shared and respected. Hooray to for all the out pouring to struggling individuals both in families and separate.

My 2020 be a good year for all humanity and especially Corsicana.

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