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To the editor: Without any negative intentions and no thoughts of harassment in this Letter to the Editor, I am going to simply point out issues I feel important about Megan Hempel's report May 23, titled "Chief appraiser explains what drives property taxes values here.

To be very honest with you all, Ms. Hempel did get the truth out of the Chief Appraiser of Navarro County Appraisal District, Karen Morris. in that interview. Reporter Hempel ask Chief Appraiser Karen Morris "what drives property tax values here" and Morris answered honestly, but most property tax payers just glossed over the interview and I wonder if Hempel really realizes what she has exposed to us taxpayers?

The following I quote in the exact words of Megan Hempel's report from Karen Morris at the Navarro County Appraisal District:

No. 1: All Appraisal Districts evaluate all taxable properties in their counties AND prepare an appraisal roll for the taxing entities in their districts.

No. 2:  Governing bodies of each taxing entity with-in the appraisal district,  "vote on the appraisal district's budget & elect the board."  I am no longer quoting the paper as I finish my letter to the editor here.

Our local and every appraisal district is working for our taxing entities (cities, counties, public schools and colleges). Texas has the highest property taxes across this country and us tax paying voters in Texans have no control of our taxable future and controlling the growth of our governments here any more. All our taxing entities have to do is add 20 percent to their last budgets and tell their appraisal districts to meet the new quota to cover their new cost to operate......

I completely understand we must pay good taxes funding education, teachers, water systems, law enforcement and good roads, but I do not believe funding to many pay checks and heavy retirement funds within our taxing entities/governments is money well spent. To be honest with you one more time in closing: "our efforts are wasted protesting our new property tax valuations, when the fox is guarding that hen house."