Releasing creeps

To the Editor: I was reading the paper online ... as usual and saw where there were several perverts indicted by the Grand Jury for sexual offenses against our children. I saw different bail amounts which really surprised me ... just like the Rios case. Bail set at $100,000 and reduced to $5,000. Reduced for what? To make it easier for them to get out and maybe commit another crime against another child? Who is reducing these bails? Maybe the creeps should be released into the custody of the judges that are reducing their bails and let the judges give them a job babysitting their children or grandchildren because you are releasing them back into our community of our innocent children! After I wrote my last letter to the editor, I jotted a letter off to the governor of Texas and will continue to do so until this matter is looked into. Maybe others should do the same. The governor’s office does answer your letters, and from what I read Rios should have got mandatory jail time! I wonder if these sex offenders that were indicted (recently) need someone to testify on their behalf and their good character? If they do, I’m sure there are a couple of folks out there of good, moral, upstanding character that might help them! ...

Carol Baker

Quality care

To the Editor: In late January, I became suddenly very ill while at Trinity Clinic. Dr. Rodriquez and his nurse were quick to give me the medical attention I needed. The ambulance attendants who helped me that day were extremely professional and kind to me. Although I was admitted to Navarro Regional Hospital, it was evident that I needed more advanced care. On the advice of Dr. Rodriquez another doctor from the clinic was called in. Dr. Alwan, one of our new cardiologists, was wonderful to me and my family and took immediate action to determine what was happening. Under his guidance, I was taken to Trinity Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler. ...

Upon arrival at the hospital, I knew I was in a good place for care. I was met by Dr. Anderson, a hospitalist, who coordinated my care along with Dr. Madore. After a battery of tests were given to determine my illness, Dr. Cheung, an electrophysiologist, was brought in. In a nine-hour procedure, he resolved the problem. Mother Francis Heart Center is an ultra-modern cardiovascular center. Having had treatment at Baylor, Medical City and St. Paul’s, I can say from experience that the Tyler facility is superior in many cases. This is particularly true of the technology available. From the moment that I arrived, I felt that everything was under control and in a few short days I was headed for home. My experience with this hospital and staff was exceptional. Not only did they diagnose what was wrong with me, but everyone from the specialized doctors to the security guard did their part to make me feel comfortable and protected. ...

I want everyone in Navarro County to know that we need this new hospital and facility. ... My husband, Ronnie Odom, and I are extremely grateful for the care I received from everyone involved in our medical journey.


Marsha Odom


To the Editor: The purpose of this letter is to serve as an update on the Dream Center’s progress in getting the old Corsicana Nursing Home ready for occupancy. First I will share with you our best news. I will quote Richard Tate, building official of the City of Corsicana, “The property at 1500 N. 45th St. has been brought into compliance and is no longer listed as an unsafe structure. The city will no longer be seeking a demolition order on the building.” This ruling by the City paves the way for us to start raising funds and to actually begin labor on the building.

Furthermore, it is obvious that when we move into this 30,000-square-foot building that ever aspect of this ministry will change. We have added some new staff and are in the process of reorganizing and expanding our board. I feel as though we are emerging from a caterpillar into a butterfly.

We are going back to the drawing board and getting some more bids on the work to be done on the building. If you have a plumbing, electrical, roofing or general construction business, we need your help.

I have been overwhelmed at your interest in sponsoring rooms at the old CNH building. We have people who are sponsoring rooms in memory of someone. We have another group who is sponsoring a library. Still another group is furnishing a children’s play area. If you or your church, Sunday school class, business, or service club is interested, please call me at (903) 641-0242. I have a brochure that will explain the process.

I want to thank all of you for your enthusiasm and encouraging responses. I am very aware of the magnitude of this project. We must all remember “He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly beyond what we ask or think.”


Thelma Harvey

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