Arrow Project thanks

To the Editor: The Arrow Project would like to thank all those in the community who generously donated time and money to help make Christmas special for so many foster children in our care.... The Cossacks motorcycle club held a toy run and auction in Seven Points. In Corsicana, a group of motorcycle clubs and independent motorcycle riders held another toy run and auction. This included the United Methodist Motorcycle Enthusiasts, Circuit Riders and Aces and Eights Motorcycle Club. The Wind and Fire Motorcycle club directed traffic for the run which started at the Lucky Lady truck stop in Rice. Custom T’s and Steve Slater of Slater Custom Paints donated auction items and numerous individuals donated money and items. Along with the toys, we received generous cash donations from both toy runs. Century 21/Marrs Realty along with the Collins Middle School Cheerleaders held a toy drive. We also received toys and gifts from The Arbors apartments, Sav-On and Mrs. Fletcher’s Kindergarten class at Collins Catholic School. The Emhouse 4-H group prepared beautiful gift baskets and voted to give these to our agency. While foster parents are expected to provide gifts for the children, it was wonderful to have so many toys and other items for them to supplement the children’s Christmas presents. ...

First United Methodist Church graciously provided a beautiful setting for our annual Christmas party. The FUMC youth group sponsored our party as their monthly outreach activity. They helped set up, served and cleaned up and even provided live Christmas music. There was a visit from Santa Claus (aka Circuit Rider James Murphy) and every child got to talk to him. ... Also, thanks to Jolene Rash, Assistant Manager at Wal-mart in Ennis, a grant in the amount of $1,000 was received. ...

... We thank the community for your overwhelming support and the part you play in “fighting the battle for our kids.”


Debbie Richardson, Associate Clinical Director

The Arrow Project

Worth it

To the Editor: Evidently, the writer who wrote about Mildred School’s superintendent, Douglas Lane, hasn’t been around that school too long. I was associated with Mildred School since 1957 as a teacher, coach, etc., until five years ago. At first, we were in a run-down building with steam heat which usually didn’t work. We had no money to do anything. Once, we had fundraisers to buy basketball team uniforms. As time went on, we had a little more money. Mr. Asby did what he could to improve facilities with available resources. Then came Mr. Lane. It took him a short while to get finances in order, to improve facilities, and stress academics and UIL competition. Further improvements are on the way. Mildred’s staff does a good job under his leadership, the leadership of other administrators, and the school board. Modern Mildred School is a progressive, very educationally-advanced school, which the people there should be and are proud of.

Anyone who has been around there as long as I have should believe Mr. Lane is worth whatever he is paid.

Billy Batton

Get what you pay for

To the editor: In reply to the letter last weekend about the salary of Mr. Doug Lane of the Mildred ISD I feel another opinion is due from a “lake person.” I moved my family down here 20 years ago, which still qualifies me as an outsider I’m sure to most locals. I did this to enroll my children in the Mildred ISD because of its reputation as a fine small school.

As my children grew older, my wife and I got involved with the school as much as we could. I eventually served two terms on the school board so I got to know Mr. Lane quite well. If Mr. Lane had not come to Mildred when he did, our beloved school would be gone. The facts are the school was out of money and would probably close due in part to past mismanagement. Mr. Lane is an excellent administrator and an excellent businessman. Due solely to his ability he transformed our school into the jewel in the crown among local districts. Statewide there were few 1A schools that could match our system. We are now in the same position as a 2A school.

The tax rate has not caused my taxes to go up. That was the work of the local appraisal district in response to the required lower rate legislated last session. Mr. Lane has given his life to these kids to see that they have the best facility possible within his ability to get the most from the state. He has helped other superintendents from the area to do the same. Whatever the current school board feels is an appropriate salary I am in complete agreement with. You get what you pay for in life, in business and in managing a school system.

Again, thanks Mr. Lane for all you have done in the last 20 years.

Ron Turner

True spirit of Christmas

To the editor: I was so pleased to read the inspiring article about “Santa’s Little Helper,” 12-year-old Mandy Brookins. Her gifts of $5 to 52 complete strangers from her year’s earnings was a wonderful example of the Christmas spirit. She and her grandparents are to be commended.

I am honored to have received one of her gifts. I want to express my heartfelt thanks for her generosity. I was so surprised that I’m sure I didn’t thank her properly at the time. I was seated waiting for my daughter who was shopping at the VF Mall.

Mandy and her family have shown us all the true spirit of giving at Christmas and always.


Hilda Reed

Pee wee thanks

To the editor: To all local businesses and individuals who supported the Corsicana Pee Wee Football Association during the 2006 season, we would like to say a big thank you! Through your donations and cooperation, we were able to mentor over 150 youth football players and cheerleaders by providing them with rented fields to practice and play on, as well as equipment to participate with. We are looking forward to the 2007 season and again working with you and new sponsors to fulfill our mission of: Providing as many Corsicana youth as possible the opportunity to participate and enjoy the football and/or cheerleading experience, and to provide those youth who want to improve their football and cheering skills the opportunity to do so through solid coaching and competitive opportunities. And, to use the lessons taught in football and cheerleading, along with the role modeling of the association’s volunteers to provide Corsicana youth with a strong foundation from which to grow. Again, thank you for your support.


CPWFA 2007 Executive Board

Cliff Bryant, President

Antonio Gutierrez, VP

Barbara Kelley, Treasurer

Della Horn, Secretary

Felisha Hall, Fundraiser

Beverly Willis, cheerleading

Family thanks

To the Editor: I want to take this opportunity to thank all the folks who stopped and assisted my husband and called the EMT for me last Tuesday. The only names J. can remember are Annette Kennedy and Peggy Moore. We were hurrying along the sidewalk on 13th to go in the courthouse to get our 2007 license sticker. No, I didn’t stumble over a crack in the sidewalk (though there may be some in it now). One edge of a sidewalk square had apparently sunk about two inches, and my ability to clear such obstacles has apparently decreased accordingly. Therefore, I plowed up the high side with my head, hands and knees. I have been assured that all my contusions will be memory in near future. I do realize I am very fortunate. Such action is not recommended for 84-year-old ladies. Again, thank you folks for stopping and caring. I am very lucky — in many ways. I was not seriously hurt and J. says I was surrounded by helpful and caring people.


Margie Hays

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