About that brick street

To the Editor: Am I missing something here? Does our “half-million dollar block” seem as rough to you as it was before or is it just me being too critical?

Maybe there is a “break in” period like a baseball glove or new car. Or maybe, just maybe, someone will own up to the fact that when you ask for and receive “free” money, it never is.

Don Harvey

Thanks for the memories

To the Editor: It is hard for me to put into words the appreciation I have for the article written by Gelene Simpson concerning our recent class reunion of 1954 (54th).

She was the smartest student in our class (A+s) and she still shows that in her articles.

My classmates of the class of 1954 are and always have been the greatest. I thank Gelene for the kind words concerning myself and my wife Jane.

It has always been a passion of mine to work with the class of 54 and they are the ones who deserve all the credit for making all our past reunions such a great success. My classmates have always been so wonderful to team with and we have remained a close group.

I thank Corsicana for the opportunity to have lived and graduated from CHS. Our teachers were wonderful and gave us challenges that made us a better person.

Our class produced doctors, lawyers, scientists, nurses, business owners, ranchers, engineers, college professors, writers, good fathers and mothers and a host of other successful occupations!

We did all that and believe it are not, no TAKS test!!!!


Bobby Clark

1954 class president

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