Ticking clock

To the Editor: Good article in the Daily Sun about the "fiscal cliff.” Just wondering why President Obama doesn't stay in the White House more, go to meetings, talk about massive spending, and about cutting the budget, do some productive work on the "National Debt."

Gosh! How hard would it be to cut the large amount of Czars for one thing, that were added to the White House in 2008. The government ran before with out adding all these extra positions. It's just spend, spend, spend. "Hello"— we're out of money, overspent, water is rising over our heads.

The president met with more than a dozen small business owners, in the "hour-long meeting" they urged him to reach an agreement, to get a deal ASAP. The President took a trip to several countries in Asia after the election, and last week he hit the road again visiting a Pennsylvania toy factory and broadcasting his case to extend current tax rates for all making $250,000 or less per year.  Why can't he just join the meetings in the White House and do some input in the meetings there?

Obama is the leader, I wish he would stay on the job site and lead. I thought that was his job. No more need to go on the road to campaign, he's got the job.

Barbara A. Whitfield



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