The ‘real’ story

To the Editor: Please inform Chase Stringer that the original members of the “Fab Five” were Anne Albritton, Nancy Roberts, John Johnson, Darrell Johnson, and Robert Herod. That makes the only surviving members of the Five Nancy Roberts, Darrell Johnson and Robert Herod.

The so-called Fab Five put on at least 10 Derrick Days Revues, holding most of the programs in the Corsicana Public Library Civic Room on Friday night and all-day Saturday. Usually, the Saturday program consisted of eight 45-minute shows a day, one after another. It featured local performers and was well attended by the community. Music arrangements, scripts, choreography, and set design were handled by the aforementioned Five, and Terry Fator was one of our many local “stars.” He performed in several of our revues and was a big hit. The minute we saw him we recognized a real talent.

The programs consisted of versions of musical decades such as the ‘20s, ‘30s, ‘40s, etc. We all had fun working on them and we forged a bond that was severed only by the deaths of two of the group. The surviving members still keep in touch. It was a wonderful time.

Nancy Roberts

Standardized Dress ‘Blues’

To the Editor: In regard to the story about the “new school clothes,” it seems really strange to me that the schools have decided that NOW they can enforce the dress code BEFORE students enter the building. Why now??? When I asked why they could not do this before, they stated that they did not have enough manpower to do this. But now they do???

We were lied to on this matter because the school wanted to ram this new policy through.

On clothes being widely available, another lie. To date we have found three pairs of pants that will fit my son. We shopped Corsicana stores first, Ennis, Hillsboro, Athens, and Dallas. We paid $40 for some of the pants. None of the “uniform” pants would fit my son. They were all too short. Also, who is going to send the school employees home when they do not have the correct clothes on?

Danny Hudson

New Clockwatcher

To the Editor: As a relatively new Corsicanan, I am curios to know why our County Courthouse Bell and Clock seem to be in disrepair. I travel this great state of Texas on a daily basis, and enjoy seeing (and hearing) the many beautiful restorations of courthouses about the state.

Old Red, in downtown Dallas, is a shining example of the beauty and historical value of a courthouse can be maintained and enjoyed by the community.

I am wondering why we have such a beautiful courthouse, clock and bell, that seem to be in questionable condition, when these items can be restored and maintained relatively easily.

Why not push for restoration of the courthouse, and return the clock and bell to the beauty and functionality that our community once enjoyed?

Gary Loper

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