Sad situation

To the Editor: This letter is concerning Beverly Latimer, detained allegedly for causing the death of an infant in her care. When I last visited with her I asked if there was anything that she needed? Her reply, with tears streaming down her face was “All I want is for that family to know that I did not hurt their baby.” She wanted them to know that while their children were in her care that she showed them love as though they were her own. She told me that she took them to birthday parties and to church (that I can attest to), she remembers them clapping their hands to the songs we sang, this is what she wanted them to know. That is what she remembers. I promised her that I would be her pen to get this message across. If the family is following this case it is my hope that you find peace. And know that this lady is not the lady they are portraying in the media. She loves God, she brought not only those babies but all that were in her care to church with her. She had her children in dance activities in church. She danced with them.

Now that she has been accused, our law says that we are innocent until proven guilty, how unfortunate for her, she is being treated just the opposite. This is an extremely sad situation. Sad that this lady who considers herself a servant doing a service to the community is being treated like this. Sad that the agency that she was called upon to help has abandoned her. Sad that no one is seeking the truth. Sad that no one will come forth with the truth. It is sad for everyone.

Pastor Claudia Williams

Great job

To The Editor: We would like to thank all that participated in the Mack Cooper Sweep the Streets Saturday, Oct. 14. You all did an exceptional job downtown. How awesome it was to put the trash out in the dumpster in our alley and not have to look at weeds everywhere and trash all over the ground. The back lot and alley behind our office also looks great. Thank each and everyone of you so much for the great job you did. We noticed ... Mack would be proud, too.


Navarro County Abstract Company

Can’t all be doctors

To the Editor: In Austin where my daughter lives, on her street, many new homes are still under construction. She tells me that only the contractors appear to be American citizens. All the rest arrive in pickup loads, and most don’t speak English. One home builder has stated “I would have to charge $20,000 per house more without this type of help!” Not so. Home builders will always sell them at going market prices, regardless of who worked for him!

In Corsicana we see teams of non-English speaking crews trimming trees, installing underground telephone cables, building our highways. Anyone see a trend here?

This brings me to my reason for writing. Driving past our schools, I’m reminded of a well-known fact that at least 40 percent to 60 percent of young people will never go on to college. They will need to be carpenters, plumbers, painters, electricians, construction types of careers to support their families. The wages of these one-time honorable careers are being undercut and lost to our children and their futures; they can’t all be doctors, lawyers, etc.

Ronald Cash

Excellent service

To the Editor: Recently I was traveling through Corsicana to attend meetings in Galveston. During a driving rain, the windshield wipers on my vehicle quit working. I contacted Carl White’s Autoplex and spoke to Dusty Peterson. Mr. Peterson came to my aid along the interstate and repaired the wipers, free of charge. His generosity to assist me is greatly appreciated. I wanted to make sure that the community was aware of the kindness exhibited by Mr. Peterson in my time of need!


Michael A. Stack

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