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In the Thursday, Oct. 17 opinion column "Where to get the Money to Start Fixing Inequality," columnist Jim (pocahontas) Hightower quoted Jesse Jackson's answer to 'where ya gonna get the money?' for the bold new government give away programs, with Jesse answering, "Get it from where it went."

Hightower explains that Jesse meant to get the money from the rich because they rig the economic system. A similar catch phrase to Jesse's is why robbers rob banks, "because that's where they keep the money."

The "detailed, viable, easy-to-understand" proposal of a wealth tax that Hightower suggests is neither detailed nor viable, although it is easy-to-understand the concept - just steal it.

Among many problems with the idea are: 1. Exactly how would the wealth (total assets) of every wealthy person and business in the U.S. be determined every year (i.e. someone might sell their drill press or boat.) 2. There are not enough appraisers in the world to appraise everyone's wealth (would probably need a minimum of three appraisals plus the necessary arbitrators and courts.) 3. If those obstacles were overcome, there is also the inconvenient fact that a wealth tax is unconstitutional. . .

Well Jim, since you and others think an answer to wealth inequality is robbing others, you should use your syndicated column to further influence us and provide some actual world examples of the successes of these socialist ideas. And you might also consider detailing real life solutions that are not included in a platform of anger, envy and theft.

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