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I just wanted to thank Daily Sun writer Megan Hempel so much for reaching out last month for what needs the Animal Shelter had for the Holidays. Her article in the paper made such a HUGE difference for us, not only as far as cat/kitten adoptions go, but in the amount of donations and support we have received from citizens and pet lovers from all over.

Because of these donations, we have been able to spay/neuter almost every animal in our shelter that is available for adoption and old enough to be fixed. Thank you for getting the word out for us and bringing attention to our wonderful cats and kittens available for adoption, it definitely increased our adoptions and found them new homes in time for Christmas.

We just wanted to give a shout out to all who gave, all who shared and to everyone who supports us in our mission to find every adoptable pet in our care a new home and a second chance.

Thank you,

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