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I was lying between my two children as I put them to bed. My five-year-old son asked me if magic is real. I sensed that maybe he was afraid of magic and so I reassured him.

“No,” I said. “I mean, I believe that love is like magic. Like the first time I held each of you, that felt kind of like magic. But illusions, and tricks and potions and that kind of magic aren’t real.”

There was a pause and then my son said, “But if magic isn’t real, how do Santa and his reindeer fly?”

“Uh...,” I said. “Well, that’s a very good point.”

I once read in an article that English is one of the few languages that only has one word for love. We only have “love.” We don’t have a different word for the way we love our outfit and the way we love our children.

Maybe we need another word for magic too. We could have a word for the magic that means the art of illusions and tricks and a word for magic that means powerful forces that go beyond our understanding.

I believe in powerful forces beyond our understanding. But I don’t believe that we are a victim or a victor at the whims of the forces. I don’t believe we are powerless.

Intuition is magic. Whether we ignore it or acknowledge it is up to us. I was listening to a podcast this week and a safety expert was saying that the number one thing we can do to keep ourselves safe is to believe our intuition. That doesn’t just apply to the safety of our physical form but also to our hearts and minds. What do you know in the core of your being that you just haven’t been willing to accept yet?

Love is magic - not in the Beauty and the Beast way. You can’t love people enough to open up their hearts, but you can love people enough to open up your own heart. An open heart is fertile ground for all kinds of magical experiences.

Acceptance is magic. It brings us peace. As the prayer says, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.” Couldn’t we all use a little serenity?

Forgiveness is magic. It releases us from the bonds of wishing for a different outcome.

Boundaries are magic. Being able to have compassion without getting lost in other people’s problems is magic. Saying no is magic.

Self awareness is magic. To know what motivates our actions and reactions is to have the ability to experience deep and meaningful relationships.

Listening is magic. It has the power to change us. That’s why we’re so afraid of it.

Empowerment is magic. Believing we can make a difference is the only difference between drifting in the sea and sailing on the sea. We encounter waves either way, but some of us are at the mercy of the wind to take us where it may and some of us are harnessing the wind to take us where we want to go. The only thing that separates the drifters from the sailors is how we self identify. Do you believe you are one or the other?

Curiosity is magic. It’s the difference in being lost and being on an adventure.

Complaining is magic. It doesn’t offer a solution but it certainly adds energy to the problem.

Creativity is magic. I can tell you that with certainty. I’ve witnessed countless times how creativity frees the soul and connects us to each other and that which is greater than us.

Energy is magic. Science teaches us that everything is energy. Energy makes every atom in us and in the ottoman my feet are resting on. And it is constantly moving. It’s never still. And it can’t be destroyed. It can only transform. Every thought we have is an energy that we put into our bodies and out into the world. Every action we take is an energy. Everything we believe is an energy that creates the world around us.

In a way, we create the illusion of our truth and that illusion becomes our truth. If we believe the world is a good place, it is a good place for us. If we believe we can do good in this world, we can do good in this world. The only trick is to believe it.

Plus, my mother’s chicken soup and my grandmother’s banana pudding are potions that can bring happiness. So, I think I told my son wrong.

Magic is real. We are made of magic. We are surrounded by magic. We create magic. We are all capable magicians - the trick is just to believe it.

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