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Our business downtown has been open for one year. Last week, Timehop on Facebook reposted the very first picture of our very first students in our very first camp in our very first building.

Markus, my husband, and I owned a production company in Los Angeles that we ran out of our house. When we first started to think about moving to Corsicana, we dreamed about having a building downtown.

In fact, it was the revitalization of downtown that first sparked our interest in Corsicana. The idea that Corsicana has a central gathering spot, coffee shops where people go to work and socialize, shops that give personalized service, an area where people stroll between breakfast and dessert, venues with music, live performances and art was a huge pull for us to come home.

For years we’d craved a community with a heart and a personality. The thing I miss most about college was the stoop of the theatre. At all times of the day and most times of the night, at least one person I liked a lot was sitting on the little cement porch attached to the back of the theater.

This was before cell phones. But we had guitars, and hackey sacks, and running lines, and having lunch, and writing silly songs, and exchanging ideas, and crying, and laughing - lots of laughing. I miss that stoop. It was a place to go when I was bored, or lonely, or had good news, or was searching for something - I wasn’t even sure what. It was a place where a new experience, a new connection, a new adventure was always waiting. And people were always glad to have other people there. Lots of fun stuff happened onstage at the Texas Tech Theatre, but the stoop was the heart of the building.

To me, downtown Corsicana is a lot like that stoop. It’s familiar faces. It’s a lot of laughter. It’s the heart of our community. I like walking downtown. I like every coffee shop. I like every restaurant. I like the shops and especially the owners. I like the arts community. I like all the creative people.

So we dreamed of being part of that sense of community. And when a for sale sign appeared in the window of 114 S. Beaton in February of 2018, a little bit of electricity ran through me. Could this be our chance?

The buying process took months, but the “old Maytag building” on Beaton Street was our chance to be part of this community. It is our chance.

And we are so proud to be here.

We’re still learning a lot about where we fit in, how to best serve our community and how to make money, but we’re here and on the adventure and we’re loving it.

We really enjoy teaching. We really enjoy providing a space for other people to be creative. We enjoy collaborating with the arts community. We enjoy doing shows. We enjoy hosting the special days and events of people in our community.

But perhaps the thing we enjoy most is when people are just being in our building. When people stop by to chat or hang out after an event, or families just come in for a minute and stay because the kids get to playing. I love when our building is filled with laughter and the sound of kids, and friends talking and people connecting, and music, and life.

I love when our building is filled with life.

I don’t know how our business will evolve in the year to come, but from the moment I first saw that for sale sign in the window of 114 S. Beaton, and for the rest of the year after, that building has been a place of adventure for me every time I walk in the door. It’s been a place where I go when I’m searching for something - even when I don’t know exactly what that is.

And I’ve seen a lot of people come through those doors with a look on their face like “I’m not sure why I’m here or what I’m getting myself into.”

And I always think, “Welcome to the adventure. We’re glad you’re here.”

Thank you for supporting our business and for supporting our family on this adventure. We have been humbled by your generosity of time and spirit. A special thank you to those who have gone above and beyond the calls of friendship to help us build our building and our business. We thank you. We love you.

Julie and her husband, Markus Baldwin, own The Scene on Beaton event venue, and the performing arts studio, Outside the Lines Creative Arts Studio, both located at 114 S. Beaton St.

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