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Mark Archibald, Daily Sun columnist

There are times when all one can do is state the obvious. The talking quieted and the voters who took center stage, Saturday night. A field of 23 candidates was winnowed to just two in the race for Texas’s Sixth Congressional District Representative. Because neither candidate reached the required threshold, the top vote getters will face off again, in a runoff election which will scheduled for later this spring.

Susan Wright, the widow of former Congressman Ron Wright, is politically accomplished in her own right. The former district director for two State Representatives was the leading vote getter on Saturday. She will face a former District 6 candidate and current Texas State House member Jake Ellzey. The final sprint of this campaign will decide who will represent residents of Navarro Ellis and part of Tarrant Counties, until 2022.

We the voters of the Sixth District must cease the opportunity to have our say in who will answer our calls, address our concerns and advocate for the issues important to us. We must show up and vote in the runoff election, even if our preferred candidate did not win Saturday. Because elections matter, I voted early in the previous election, and will again weeks from now. Voters must engage, and guard against apathy and low turnout during this off-year special election.

I want to offer sincere congratulations to those who were successful in their bids to hold office in Navarro County. The voters have entrusted you with the responsibilities of that office, it’s now your duty to live up to those responsibilities to the best of your ability. You have earned our confidence which is unlikely to wavier unless given cause.

This isn’t to say that you are expected to be perfect, it’s often a folly of voters to who brandish unrealistic expectations. For better or worse those who spend their time taking safe votes are often the first to face angry voters. We wish you the best, but history proves that being an elected official isn’t for the faint of heart.

I also want to acknowledge those who came up short in their bids to hold office. The decision to try is arguably the most important that anyone ever makes. The contributions each of you offered advanced the cause and conversation. It was an honor to cover this election because of the candidates’ thank you I hope that those who fell short will consider seeking office again. I look forward to seeing many of you on the trail when the time is right.

As always elections are consequential. Just this past week I was asked several times what I thought about President Joe Biden’s address to a Joint Session of Congress. I thought the president delivered a good speech but was concerned about the price tag. Many of Biden’s policies are popular with a majority of voters across the country. Texas’s Sixth District registered voters will have the opportunity to put mark on future legislation by voting once more to me, there’s only one choice. Vote!

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